KAIXIN Company was established in 1997 and since then it specializes in design, production and development of medical ultrasound diagnostic equipment. At the moment, KAIXIN Company is one of the leaders in developing and manufacturing high technological ultrasound diagnostic equipment in China.

We obtained the international quality management system certificate ІСО13485, CE certificate of the European Union and ROHS certificate. Our product line is the following: ultrasound scanners, veterinary ultrasound scanners, ophthalmic ultrasound scanners. The devices of LAPTOP type, portable and pocket ultrasound scanners use unique KAIXIN technologies, recognized over the world.

Now KAIXIN Company has more than 40 thousand customers around the world. Stable network of distributors and service centres is formed in more than 170 countries. Our goals: manufacturing and delivery of quality equipment; operative warranty and postwarranty service; good value for money.

Management of KAIXIN Company has rich practical experience, provides effective administration to develop innovative projects. All this create a sense of the team, favourable and harmonic working atmosphere inside the enterprise. We firmly believe that ‘it is necessary to treat using science and technologies’!