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KAIXIN — veterinary ultrasound scanners

In veterinary medicine as in classical medicine, proper examination of patients is significant. It ensures accurate diagnosis and enables to choose the most effective treatment. KAIXIN veterinary ultrasound scanners are perfect assistance for today’s veterinarians. In Ukraine, you can buy them in our online store.

Best Ultrasound machines in Ukraine are KAIXIN

The range of ultrasound equipment in domestic market is just enormous today. However, the products of KAIXIN Chinese brand stand out on general background. Despite its origin — from the Celestial Empire – this company managed to deserve its reputation as a manufacturer of excellent equipment and achieve dominant positions in this market segment for less than a quarter-century of its operation in the field. That is why it is considered obligatory for veterinary clinics of any size to purchase KAIXIN ultrasound scanners for cows in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv, Lviv and any other city of Ukraine and even the world.

Specificity of production

KAIXIN ultrasonic diagnostic equipment is developed and manufactured in the Company workshops in China, Xuzhou city. A great number of technologies and devices related to ultrasound diagnostics have been patented for today. The quality and functionality level of this brand is confirmed by international certificates such as ISO-13485, СЕ and ROHS. Almost 50,000 private doctors and clinics all over the world are permanent consumers of this trade mark. Official representatives of the Company are located in 200 countries of all continents.

KAIXIN products

The manufacturer’s product range includes KAIXIN veterinary ultrasound scanners that are the most sophisticated for today. You can order portable, stationary, pocket, laptop and handheld ultrasound scanners of this brand with delivery over Ukraine. Today the activities of KAIXIN Company are focused on the following:

  • Development, manufacture and sale of innovative equipment.
  • Service maintenance and repair of machines of this trade mark.
  • Increasing availability of quality ultrasound devices for customers.

KAIXIN: Ultrasound machines and online store

Our online store offers KAIXIN veterinary ultrasound scanners of the same brand as its official distributor. We present KAIXIN ultrasound diagnostic machines for veterinary and animal husbandry. Such KAIXIN ultrasound machines are intended for ultrasound examination (U/S), sonography as an invasive method of body examination using the ultrasound waves. With their help, it is possible to examine:

  • Different pets.
  • Cattle and small cattle.
  • Pigs, horses and other animals.

Our product range

Taking into account the orientation of our online store, you can choose here scanners, monitors for ultrasound machines for remote connection, video glasses, probes and accessories. It is possible to select the most appropriate ultrasound scanner for determining the pregnancy of animal, follow-up of foetal development, pregnancy detection, calculation of fat depth, and for any other veterinary areas as well.

Our advantages

There is a lot of reasons to buy this equipment from us. We offer you to estimate them:

11 arguments in favour of our goods and services:

  • The highest quality level of the goods supplied to us directly from the manufacturer.
  • Premium service, because we appreciate our customers and value their trust.
  • Goods availability as the price for our veterinary ultrasound scanners is less than average market price.
  • Simple and intuitive website, which makes the choice and ordering of the goods in catalog easy.
  • 24/7 operation, round-the-clock online access that is important for our customers’ convenience.
  • A wide range of goods, an opportunity to buy an ultrasound scanner for pigs, cows, goats, horses.
  • Availability of promotions, sales, wholesale discounts reducing the price of every unit of the goods.
  • Continuous goods availability reducing the time of delivery to the buyer of the ordered equipment.
  • Establishment of a long term warranty from the manufacturer and service maintenance by us.
  • Online processing of every order, possibility to get qualified advice.
  • Fast and quality delivery of every selected product to any address in Ukraine.