Training and advanced training.

  • Advanced training of reproductive specialists following the course “Reproduction of farm animals with basics of sonography”
  • Training of specialists – cow artificial insemination operators.

Advising assistance regarding:

  • assessment and analysis of indicators of dairy stock and pig reproduction;
  • introduction of scientific developments and modern technological methods in reproduction that provide determination of optimal time for cow insemination, increasing conception rate, prevention of embryonic mortality, abortion and obstetrical pathology;
  • organizing the technology of intensive cow reproduction using programmed regulation of reproductive cycle (stimulation and synchronization of the stage of estrous cycle, ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy, stimulation, restoration of reproductive function in the postpartum period, annual distribution of milk and newborn animals, planned organization of herd replacement and expansion, etc.);
  • diagnosis and effective treatment of cows with obstetric and gynecological diseases and mastitis;
  • development and implementation of complex scheme for prevention of cow infertility, neonatal diseases and mammary gland pathologies;
  • organizing artificial insemination and intensive reproduction of sheep.